Our services

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In terms of artistic design four artists  work at our company: Egri István, artist and the manager of the company; Nagy Enikő artist, painter and Egri András artist, painter, Anastasia Vdovkina icon painter. Our projects are based on the knowledge of stained glass design and manufacturing, aesthetics and imagination. We work with great care, seeking new solutions towards a common goal. We offer existing portfolio models (over 400 models), or create new models with many options. We support all our cutomers in choosing the right model and colors.


We have great experience in the execution of stained glass works. The current team begins working in 1992, keeping family-tradition which started in 1983. Execution of stained glass will rely on the most convenient methods for our customers: classic tiffany or fusing. Stained glass of the windows can be incorporated in a double layer of windows (called glass-sandwich) for a perfect isolation. (including 3 layers of glass and argon + stained glass). Stained glass inserted in the so called glass-sandwich ensures easy cleaning and maintaining thermal isolation. If the stained glass windows are inserted in front of walls or any other places with no reception of natural light, we can ensure artificial lighting of the stained glass windows.


Stained glasstransportationis provided byour companyand also assistanceduring installation(forfurniture orcarpentrywhere the insertionis made by thejoineryfirm).