Ólomüveg restaurálás

Egri Vitraille can offer the next services in the field of stained glass restoration:

Our workshop manufactures and restores stained glass windows from the entire spectrum of the discipline since 18 years. The restoration works – also as the creative ones – fully respect traditional techniques. Our services for restoration of stained glass include:

  • Preparing detailed documentation of restoration
  • Loosening antique stained glass windows, cleaning glass items with specific materials
  • Reproducing missing items identically to the original. Glass windows are painted in the style of original glass enamels which are burnt at temperatures of 600-750 degrees.
  • Assebling restorated stained glass windows following standardized patterns.

Other related  services to restoration of stained glass works:

  • Removing and installing stained glass
  • Execution of metal frames and reinforcement rods to support stained glass.
  • Installation of ”thermoisolation sandwich” stained glass windows
  • Supply and installation of exterior protective glass. Antique glass style that can be delivered by our company, with a character that is suitable for historical monuments.
  • Supply and installation of safety nets

Our company works with several distributors of materials necessary for a great quality restoration. So far we never encountered difficulties in procuring the necessary materials.