Artistic stained glass

We are creating individualized products with incontestible aesthetic value and in strict harmony with the ambience in which they will be exposed. We make stained glass windows employing the traditional method (with H type lead frame) or using the tiffany method (making the connection between the glass pieces with copper wire). We use colored glass en masse or painted with high quality paint, which resistant in time -. Our artists work with great care and sensitivity to the wishes of our clients, architects and interior designers or decorators



Following the ideological footsteps of great architects such as Antonio Gaudi, Makovecz Imre, F.L.Wright, Kos Karoly, the ideas for these works come from the surrounding nature and our ethnographic origins – expressed in their complexstructures and  a  conscious creative freedom.



Whether contemporary interior design of Spartan minimalist simplicity, or other postmodernist design, characterized by the coexistence of several styles and artistic trends, we offer stained glass that confers refinement and uniqueness in harmony with its destination.



This line continues the tradition of stained glass at the secular level. At its highest peak, like classicist stained glass or Art-Nouveau, the diversity and the recognition in this field made it reach its apogee.